Gubernatorial Candidates debate on WPTV NewsChannel 5

August 27, 2006


Finally mainstream TV has found time to let Chadville residents know who is running for Governor. Only half way through early voting and sandwiched in between “Ernesto” warnings —

Televised Live on NewsChannel 5 and Streamed Live on
Monday, August 28 and Tuesday, August 29
8pm to 9pm
WPTV NewsChannel 5 will be hosting two debates during which the candidates for Florida’s Governor will face off live on-air and on-line.
On Monday, August 28, Republican candidates Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher will meet in a debate. NewsChannel 5’s Jim Sackett will be the moderator and serve as a questioner along with Michael Williams from WTVJ in Miami and Craig Wolf from WBBH in Fort Myers.
On Tuesday, August 29, Democratic candidates Jim Davis and Rod Smith will take part in a debate. Keith Cate from WFLA in Tampa will serve as moderator and questioner along with Donnna Hicken from WTLV in Jacksonville and Jim Payne from WESH in Orlando.


Lauderdale Swiftboaters HQ Found

August 27, 2006


This is the HQ of Florida Residents for Responsible and Responsive Government, Inc., the character assassin outfit that has been attacking Irv Slosberg. Its a mail drop in Ft. Lauderdale.  Suite #1077 is Box #1077.

Now the question is WHO are these folks? Are they paid for by Ted Deutch’s Republican lawfirm or are they associates found by Ted’s new TV commercial buddy Congressman Robert Wexler while wandering through the halls of Congress where money and secrets change hands every day?  Or are they just a bunch of caring citizens residing in Florida State Senate District 25, Florida House District 91, neither of which has anything to do with Irv Slosberg — currently serving in FL House District 90 and running for FL Senate District 30?


Early Voting – One More Week

August 27, 2006

Arthur Anderson has distributed yet another mailbox filler, like the others, a little light on info and a lot late on delivery.
Dr. Anderson, the product of an earlier Wexler/Aaronson meddling in government shaping, has sent out a 16 page document entitled “One Voice Becomes Many” – whatever that result of public relations barnstorming means.
It gives you the basics of voting mechanics in Palm Beach County, and in the small print even mentions that we have here EARLY VOTING. Read more carefully and see that by the time you get this pile of paper, you have missed half of the early voting period.
Then there are 8 pages of sample ballots — none covering the area in which I vote — causing me to think, “Why not just one page with a real SAMPLE BALLOT with make believe names and a little more instruction if needed?” Oh yes, if you are not sufficiently ill informed in English, it’s there in Spanish also.

Lauderdale Swiftboaters: “Fire Slosberg Torpedo #2”

August 24, 2006

Anti-Slosberg salvo number two from the “Florida Residents for Responsible and Responsive Government, Inc.”, the Ft. Lauderdale (Florida Senatorial District 25 – NOT the district where Irv is running.) based hatchet outfit.
Right out of the Rove handbook on destroying your enemy while offering no real candidate, this bunch of paid operatives remain mysterious.
The news media seems content to ignore things like this to make room for Jon Benet and friends.
The latest mailer in my Boca mail box today. No positives at all — Just slime Irv with unsupported charges.
Get with it main stream media. Who are these political assassins. Where does the money come from?

Ft. Lauderdale Swiftboaters against Slosberg

August 23, 2006

The latest attack on Irv Slosberg comes from the Florida Residents for Responsible and Responsive Government, Inc. in a mailer out today in Boca Raton.
You might ask, “Who exactly are they?”
You might find that they are not exactly who you think they might be.
As starters, their address is outside Senate District 30 where Irv is customarily attacked by the Wexler/Aaronson/Deutch Cabal. They are in Ft. Lauderdale, Senate District 25.
Though this piece of election trash is not attributed to the Deutch campaign the material and allegations are strikingly similar with their usual campaign — we have nothing to offer, lets attack Irv.
Obviously the above mentioned triumvirate does not wish to be OFFICIALLY or PUBLICLY associated with this bunch. Their campaign is not mentioned and they probably have the pre-printed denials standing by.
But one might ask who funds this bunch of concerned citizens? Why do they care so much about sullying the reputation of a candidate in another district?
Lets go news media. Dig in. Find and report the facts. Follow the money.

And for Governor I cast my vote for . . . WHO???

August 23, 2006

First of all, congratulations to Public Television.  At least some media outlet in the State of Florida saw the need to introduce Floridians to the candidates for Governor.
I had earlier remarked that nobody had ever heard of the Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates and no broadcast media felt any obligation to cover them or make known their views.
Now Public Television has presented the now traditional debate with the now traditional rules that allow very little actual debate, but at least they did something.
The question remains — has anyone yet heard of either Davis or Smith?
The answer remains — probably not.
Public Television is not a good vehicle for reaching large audiences.  This is due in part to their normal broadcast fare including the interminable beg-a-thons, but also in their ability to promote their products.  In other words, this program was dutifully broadcast but recieved little if any publicity.  There are of course precious few advertising bucks to promote PBS programs.  Consequently they had their usual viewership, which might be considered to be primarily those citizens who might have already known these candidates and had already made up their minds as to who to vote for.
For however noble the PBS programming goal is, they do not reach anywhere near what might be called a mass audience.  Likewise however greedy and ignoble the commerical TV programming goal is, they do in fact reach a mass audience and it is here that the opportunity exists for encouraging Floridians to get off their butts and vote for somebody in the Primary election September 5.
Once again the mass media has reneged on their agreement to provide public service in exchange for the use of the public airwaves. Once again the bottom line programming philosophy prevails.  If you buy a commercial, we’ll air it.  If you are running for some unimportant little thing like the Governorship of Florida, we’ll ignore you on our news and cover what business class snacks are consumed by the creepy guy who may or may not have murdered a little girl 10 years ago.
To be perfectly fair about the criticism here, lets also give a big thumbs down to BOTH Political Parties for providing NO publicity for the televised debates.
Then lets include in the list of guilty parties the election officials throughout the state for not spreading the word — not just of the televised debates, but the existence of early voting.  For those in the dark about this, we’re now 4 days into it and Chadvillian (or is it Chadvillain) Arthur Anderson sent me a brand new voters ID — a piece of paper NOT needed to identify me as a legal voter, today and the mailing included NO MENTION OF EARLY VOTING.
Are we keeping this a secret?

New Contributor — Voice of Truth

August 17, 2006

Voice of Truth-August 17, 2006

State Senate District 30 will have on the ballot State Representative Irv Slosberg who has 6 years of proven service to his constituency. His opponent, Ted Deutch is an attorney with no legislative experience. In fact the race has 2 other people who are operating in the shadows.

They are Congressman Robert Wexler and Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson. Their job is to use all their influence to beat Irv Slosberg. Why?? The reason is obvious.

They are the power brokers and Irv Slosberg will not play ball with them. Representative Slosberg wants to put all his energy into actually serving his constituency. He does it to a fault and that is why Congressman Wexler and Commissioner Aaronson are seeking to unseat him.

They are working with the premise that Yes! — You can fool all of the people some of the time, and if you lie big enough and often enough you can win elections.

Translated, “Screw the People”, and they are good at it. Ted Deutch is the pawn who’s job is to be their lackey — and he will do a good job of that.

You may not like what you read here, but it’s the truth — Voice of Truth

Dr. Who? Dr. Why? Dr. How?

August 16, 2006

Arthur W. Anderson, Ph.D. is the Supervisor of Elections for Palm Beach County, FL. I think it fair to describe him as an unremarkable person who is likable and competent in his job. So why devote an entire post to him? I will first off state that there is absolutely no suggestion on my part that Dr. Anderson is involved in any political shenanigans. About the worst thing you can say about his performance is that he is yet to deliver the paper trail he promised in the campaign, but he hasn’t yet finished “studying the options”. How quickly they learn.

The same cannot be said for his predecessor’s reign.

Cruella De Vil or Madame Butterfly to some, Theresa LePore achieved national prominence for her stewardship of running the Supervisor’s Office pre-Anderson, and the percieved need to replace her resulted in Dr. Anderson’s election. Ms. Lepore’s story of switching political parties when convenient and abandoning them all when necessary is scarily similar to the current saga up the coast in CT.

“Why” Arthur Anderson rather than Sam Citizen is vague and probably not of prime importance.

“How” provides the basis for understanding politics in The Land of the Hanging Chad.

Robert Wexler, current U.S. Representative for District 19 in South Florida took up the Democratic banner and in essence got LePore out — hence Anderson in. Naturally Congressman Wexler (who casts his Congressional votes the way I wish him to about 98% of the time) had some considerable help in this effort from other political power figures including but not limited to County Commissioner Burt Aaronson, and even several appearances in support of the “out with LePore” cause by, you guessed it, “Our Joey”, the former Vice Presidential Nominee and current Senator from CT, now involved in switching some party affiliations himself . . . And so the beat goes on.

Currently the Wexler/Aaronson team is together again and waging war with my guy, State Representative Irving Slosberg who is term limited out of his Florida House seat and is running for State Senate in District 30 which includes his old congressional district and expands his constituency.

Irv is running on his record. The Wexler/Aaronson guy, a first time political candidate is running “against Irv”.

It’s sort of the same team with an unremarkable, likable — we have no idea if he would be a competent legislator — fellow by the name of Ted Deutch taking over the Arthur Anderson role. And the beat goes on . . . and on . . .

What You See Is What You Get

August 15, 2006

Once limited to a catchy name for a then very nifty new computer interface, this term may now pretty accurately determine what is happening in American politics.

I know I promised to devote this blog to South Florida and to a lesser extent Florida politics, but in reality to understand what is happening here we really have to look at and understand what is happening nationally.

For several years there has been a raging debate among those of my political persuasion going like, “Why in the name of your Diety du jour do all these people vote for George W. Bush?”

I have recently heard a theory that seems reasonable to me.

There are according to this theory about 23% of American voters who would vote for dubbya even if he were televised live torturing a puppy while a little girl dying of cancer cried as she watched from her wheelchair. I assume students of human behavior have a word for this — I don’t. I just accept it because there seems no other reasonable answer.

That leaves the rest of us. Think for a moment. Just knowing that the rest of us could easily outvote the 23% should disturb you. It does me. There are lots of reasons why we don’t, but lets start with the WYSIWG hypothesis.

Clearly from all the surveys done, TV remains the primary source of news for most Americans. In other words, we all assume what we see on the tube is what is really happening — WYSIWG. A long treatise on reality TV could be inserted here, but lets try to limit it to “THE NEWS.”

Permit me to throw out some ideas for thought, discussion, opinion or whatnot.

How often have you seen on the “National News”, the “White House Correspondent” standing in the “standup area” outside the White House saying something like, “The President issued this statement today . . .”. Now, how often have you seen the “White House Correspondent” say, “In my investigation of this story I found that on August 15th, . . .”? There is precious little reporting done on “The News”. Instead there is lots of dissemination of government press releases. We are learning about what the government wants us to learn, and we continue to have a “White House Correspondent” there to read us the press release that could just as easily have been emailed or faxed to the Washington bureau. This maintains the illusion that we are viewing news. Now think again. This time about when the last time you saw on your “LOCAL NEWS” any coverage of what the candidates in your area offer in the way of reasons to vote for them. We should not be talking about commercials here. They fall into the same category as the White House press release with only one difference, and you can bet the farm your local station knows the difference. You pay for the commercials.

So we’ve managed to bring it back to “local”. We will in the future revisit some of the above, but for now, lets not cloud the already muddy waters.

For some facts a surprising number of people don’t seem to be aware of, here’s who is running for what, and when in Chadville.

The details of voting specifics will be limited to Palm Beach County, the political center of The Land of the Hanging Chad, and where better to find the straight poop than from The Supervisor of Elections official website.  If you dig around on that site, you’ll find that the 2006 Primary Elections will be held on September 5 — less that 3 weeks from now. You’ll also see you can vote by absentee ballot — even if you’re not going to be absent. And there will be “Early Voting.” It begins 15 days before the election itself and must by law include some hours on the weekends. Best of all it might take place in some building you would be visiting anyway. Really dig on Dr. Anderson’s site for this information. It makes voting almost fit in with your normal routine.

Chadville, FL

August 15, 2006

In case you didn’t make the connection, Chadville is deep in the heart of Palm Beach County, Florida — land of the hanging chad.

At the moment we’re in a hot and heavy local primary election campaign with D-Day on September 5.

This blog will attempt to present what’s happening here between now and then by bringing you up to date on a little recent political history and a running account of some of the more interesting local races.

We will also try to peak your interest on the BIG race for Governor of Florida.  You might think with Jeb Bush out of the running, and all that you read in the papers, it would be a clear choice, but as we will see, it aint necessarily so.

More as the story and the blog unfold.  Stay tuned.