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Let Irv Continue to Serve

September 1, 2006

To cast your vote to elect Irv Slosberg to State Senator in District 30 it’s not necessary to dislike, demean, belittle, or generally badmouth his opponent.
All that’s necessary is to look at the past 6 years of Irv’s record of serving his constituency in District 90.
What you will find is a guy who did his job more than well. He did it with a passion. You will find a guy who likes to do whats best for his constituency and doesn’t much care about personal gain or reward for himself.
Irv is being forced out of his Representative 90 seat not by an unhappy constituency, but by Florida’s law on term limits. He cannot seek re-election to his current seat. He has served the maximum permitted term.  If he is to continue to serve, he must do it from another legislative seat. The one he has chosen to run for is Senate District 30 — vacated by another guy, Ron Klein, who is also forced to “move on” by the term limit statute. In this Senate District Irv will be serving the same people as before. He will just be adding some new soon-to-be happy-with-Irv constituents.
I am not attacking term limits. It is the same statute that is ridding us of Jeb Bush. I am suggesting that just because we have to abide by those term limits, we should not be fooled into thinking Irv Slosberg did anything but a great job for us for the last 6 years.
That should naturally lead to our vote to Let Irv Continue to Serve.