Who is behind this publication?

I am a retired person, most recently hailing from New York City (not a particularly unique situation here in The Land of the Hanging Chad), but originally from Maryland, where for most of my childhood and early adulthood I lived, learned, and generally enjoyed life.

I spent about 40 years in the radio-television business — not fixing the sets, but making the programs. I started as a senior in high school in my first elective course ever, Radio Workshop where we produced a monthly radio drama using a studio donated by a local radio station, WJEJ Hagerstown, Md. Our work aired on that station’s FM broadcasts.

From there, having become an expert in the field (that’s to say someone who knew enough to not make noise or use bad language when the mike was on), I branched out into a paying job — first at the above mentioned station as a Disc Jockey and later on the competitor, WARK. Then came TV. The first job at the local school system in studios donated by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Ford Foundation. We did real, actual “Educational Television.” Real school teachers taught real lessons 6 hours a day from 5 studios operating simultaneously reaching the entire school system of Washington County, Md. via cable.

The rest, as they say, is history. I was lucky and in the right place at many right times, so I’ve been around the business, mostly on the network level. I’ll expand on some of these experiences as appropriate in posts in this blog. A lot of what I’ll be reporting here will be influenced by those 40 years of watching others do it.

A lot of my reporting will also be influenced by what might in the hands of a more skilled author become the greatest sitcom in TV history — politics in Palm Beach County and Florida in general.

Hopefully you’ll find it interesting.


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