Rainy Day = Low Voter Turnout — BALONEY!

There’s a letter to the editor in today’s Sun-Sentinel blaming the weather on low voter turnout and even for a specific candidate’s loss.

His followers were mostly seniors and they could not get to the polls because of the rain.

Come off it, boys and girls. That kind of copout or the one about election day being the day after Labor Day will result in another 2,4,6,8 — you name it — years of more of what we got now.

The seniors had 2 weeks of early voting — lots of sunny days and some weekends — to exercise their voting privileges.

They and everyone else who didn’t vote for the above or some other reason could have spent a phone call and 39 cents to vote by absentee ballot. No longer need you be actually absent.

We should not be using this as an excuse.  We should be asking the question, “Did the voters of Palm Beach County know about these alternatives, and were they able to take advantage of them?”

If things are to change for the better anytime soon, we have to stop lamenting how hard it is to get to the polls, we have to get there somehow — even if by US Mail — and make some changes in who runs our government.

We’ve already pointed the finger of guilt at the Supervisor of Elections, but that office is far from the only guilty party.

As this series continues, we’ll explore other stumbling blocks to more voter participation and how we might remove some of them. Join the party. Contribute to the discussion.


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