Lauderdale Swiftboaters HQ Found


This is the HQ of Florida Residents for Responsible and Responsive Government, Inc., the character assassin outfit that has been attacking Irv Slosberg. Its a mail drop in Ft. Lauderdale.  Suite #1077 is Box #1077.

Now the question is WHO are these folks? Are they paid for by Ted Deutch’s Republican lawfirm or are they associates found by Ted’s new TV commercial buddy Congressman Robert Wexler while wandering through the halls of Congress where money and secrets change hands every day?  Or are they just a bunch of caring citizens residing in Florida State Senate District 25, Florida House District 91, neither of which has anything to do with Irv Slosberg — currently serving in FL House District 90 and running for FL Senate District 30?



3 Responses to “Lauderdale Swiftboaters HQ Found”

  1. Kirk Says:

    This same organization is trying to do a hatchet job in Florida Senate 14 against one of the Democratic Candidates Perry McGriff. Even though I don’t personally have a dog in this fight (I am a registered Independent), this sort of negative advertising has helped sway my Democratic registered wife into voting FOR Perry McGriff.

  2. Janice Roberts Says:

    We have been getting mail flyers saying Perry McGriff is a republican, saying he ran as a republican and is not a real democrat.

  3. sheila Says:

    i have that mailbox too!

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