Lauderdale Swiftboaters: “Fire Slosberg Torpedo #2”

Anti-Slosberg salvo number two from the “Florida Residents for Responsible and Responsive Government, Inc.”, the Ft. Lauderdale (Florida Senatorial District 25 – NOT the district where Irv is running.) based hatchet outfit.
Right out of the Rove handbook on destroying your enemy while offering no real candidate, this bunch of paid operatives remain mysterious.
The news media seems content to ignore things like this to make room for Jon Benet and friends.
The latest mailer in my Boca mail box today. No positives at all — Just slime Irv with unsupported charges.
Get with it main stream media. Who are these political assassins. Where does the money come from?


One Response to “Lauderdale Swiftboaters: “Fire Slosberg Torpedo #2””

  1. sam Says:

    I received an URGENT message from Wexler and Aaronson in my mailbox. Hmmm maybe it’s about an important insurance plan, or an URGENT message reguarding hurricane relief???? NO, Thier urgent message was to vote for Deutch (whoever that is). That URGENT message is an insult. Next time I receive an URGENT message from my Commissioner or Congressman it better really be about something URGENT. I see right through these two politicians. Stop filling my mailbox with Urgent messages. I have to admit that I really admired Congressman Wexler. But my admiration is

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