Ft. Lauderdale Swiftboaters against Slosberg

The latest attack on Irv Slosberg comes from the Florida Residents for Responsible and Responsive Government, Inc. in a mailer out today in Boca Raton.
You might ask, “Who exactly are they?”
You might find that they are not exactly who you think they might be.
As starters, their address is outside Senate District 30 where Irv is customarily attacked by the Wexler/Aaronson/Deutch Cabal. They are in Ft. Lauderdale, Senate District 25.
Though this piece of election trash is not attributed to the Deutch campaign the material and allegations are strikingly similar with their usual campaign — we have nothing to offer, lets attack Irv.
Obviously the above mentioned triumvirate does not wish to be OFFICIALLY or PUBLICLY associated with this bunch. Their campaign is not mentioned and they probably have the pre-printed denials standing by.
But one might ask who funds this bunch of concerned citizens? Why do they care so much about sullying the reputation of a candidate in another district?
Lets go news media. Dig in. Find and report the facts. Follow the money.


One Response to “Ft. Lauderdale Swiftboaters against Slosberg”

  1. MZ Says:

    Irv is getting what’s due to him. He is a pathological liar and it’s time that everyone knows it. He was a registered Republican for many years and switched his party affiliation to run in a democratic district. He voted with the republicans for vouchers to undermine our public schools. He has alienated everyone from the Democratic party. He’s got to go.

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