And for Governor I cast my vote for . . . WHO???

First of all, congratulations to Public Television.  At least some media outlet in the State of Florida saw the need to introduce Floridians to the candidates for Governor.
I had earlier remarked that nobody had ever heard of the Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates and no broadcast media felt any obligation to cover them or make known their views.
Now Public Television has presented the now traditional debate with the now traditional rules that allow very little actual debate, but at least they did something.
The question remains — has anyone yet heard of either Davis or Smith?
The answer remains — probably not.
Public Television is not a good vehicle for reaching large audiences.  This is due in part to their normal broadcast fare including the interminable beg-a-thons, but also in their ability to promote their products.  In other words, this program was dutifully broadcast but recieved little if any publicity.  There are of course precious few advertising bucks to promote PBS programs.  Consequently they had their usual viewership, which might be considered to be primarily those citizens who might have already known these candidates and had already made up their minds as to who to vote for.
For however noble the PBS programming goal is, they do not reach anywhere near what might be called a mass audience.  Likewise however greedy and ignoble the commerical TV programming goal is, they do in fact reach a mass audience and it is here that the opportunity exists for encouraging Floridians to get off their butts and vote for somebody in the Primary election September 5.
Once again the mass media has reneged on their agreement to provide public service in exchange for the use of the public airwaves. Once again the bottom line programming philosophy prevails.  If you buy a commercial, we’ll air it.  If you are running for some unimportant little thing like the Governorship of Florida, we’ll ignore you on our news and cover what business class snacks are consumed by the creepy guy who may or may not have murdered a little girl 10 years ago.
To be perfectly fair about the criticism here, lets also give a big thumbs down to BOTH Political Parties for providing NO publicity for the televised debates.
Then lets include in the list of guilty parties the election officials throughout the state for not spreading the word — not just of the televised debates, but the existence of early voting.  For those in the dark about this, we’re now 4 days into it and Chadvillian (or is it Chadvillain) Arthur Anderson sent me a brand new voters ID — a piece of paper NOT needed to identify me as a legal voter, today and the mailing included NO MENTION OF EARLY VOTING.
Are we keeping this a secret?


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