Dr. Who? Dr. Why? Dr. How?

Arthur W. Anderson, Ph.D. is the Supervisor of Elections for Palm Beach County, FL. I think it fair to describe him as an unremarkable person who is likable and competent in his job. So why devote an entire post to him? I will first off state that there is absolutely no suggestion on my part that Dr. Anderson is involved in any political shenanigans. About the worst thing you can say about his performance is that he is yet to deliver the paper trail he promised in the campaign, but he hasn’t yet finished “studying the options”. How quickly they learn.

The same cannot be said for his predecessor’s reign.

Cruella De Vil or Madame Butterfly to some, Theresa LePore achieved national prominence for her stewardship of running the Supervisor’s Office pre-Anderson, and the percieved need to replace her resulted in Dr. Anderson’s election. Ms. Lepore’s story of switching political parties when convenient and abandoning them all when necessary is scarily similar to the current saga up the coast in CT.

“Why” Arthur Anderson rather than Sam Citizen is vague and probably not of prime importance.

“How” provides the basis for understanding politics in The Land of the Hanging Chad.

Robert Wexler, current U.S. Representative for District 19 in South Florida took up the Democratic banner and in essence got LePore out — hence Anderson in. Naturally Congressman Wexler (who casts his Congressional votes the way I wish him to about 98% of the time) had some considerable help in this effort from other political power figures including but not limited to County Commissioner Burt Aaronson, and even several appearances in support of the “out with LePore” cause by, you guessed it, “Our Joey”, the former Vice Presidential Nominee and current Senator from CT, now involved in switching some party affiliations himself . . . And so the beat goes on.

Currently the Wexler/Aaronson team is together again and waging war with my guy, State Representative Irving Slosberg who is term limited out of his Florida House seat and is running for State Senate in District 30 which includes his old congressional district and expands his constituency.

Irv is running on his record. The Wexler/Aaronson guy, a first time political candidate is running “against Irv”.

It’s sort of the same team with an unremarkable, likable — we have no idea if he would be a competent legislator — fellow by the name of Ted Deutch taking over the Arthur Anderson role. And the beat goes on . . . and on . . .


2 Responses to “Dr. Who? Dr. Why? Dr. How?”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Good commentary, I like the mix of opinion and fact. Keep up the interesting posts.

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